Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday's Digressions

Nice guys like you
What most women I have ever met have said.

  • This morning (today is 01/24/2017) I drove past a scene involving 3-4 fort Worth PD cars and a vehicle stopped on the shoulder of I30. I did not see them until I well past in spite of them all having their emergency lights on. That is either some super focused driving I was doing or I was in my own little world and a definite danger to myself and others.
  • Last night (today is 01/25/2017) I watched a bunch of Shirley Temple shorts and a movie. They were on a compilation DVD I have owned for years but never watched.  Have you ever watched Baby Burlesks (or any of the other titles in that same vein?). They are disturbing. The weird thing is- aside from one movie of hers (I think it was titled The Little Colonel or something like that) I had never seen any of her movies. Anyway- unnerving.
  • On my drive in this morning there was a UPS truck driving like a maniac while towing a double trailer.
  • Trump did not quite win the political lottery that Bill Clinton won with the explosion of internet commerce and the end of the Cold War but more businesses were inevitably going to stay in the US anyway (or even return from overseas) due to the cost of Chinese labor and shipping increasing- so he is going to look super good at creating jobs.
  • Related fact: He will also just by force of his personality bring businesses back and get others to stay- that is how human interactions work (even large human enterprises like economies). Bonus information: tax breaks and easing of regulations will actually and hugely contribute to the growth of jobs, although the average person will not know that unless they read Drudge or listen to conservative talk radio.
  • Bait Car is a guilty pleasure for me.
  • Night before last (today is 01/27/2017) I was watching a movie when I overheard a kind of intense knocking on my door. It was well past 11 O'clock. Being as I am no longer 19 years old and I do not have a steady girlfriend- it is very out of the ordinary for somebody to be knocking on my door that late at night. When I went to see who it was I could not see a thing through the peephole as the porch light was burned out. After retrieving my pistola I went to the balcony and looked around to the front porch- it was a recent ex girlfriend looking for a booty call. Here is the question; what would you do in a case like that? No- I don't mean the booty call issue. I think you can handle that as you are smart and good looking. Would you just lie there in bed and wonder who and why? Would you throw the door open while unarmed and hope the person on the other side is not the Hillside Strangler? Preemptively start punching 5.56 caliber holes through the door with your Bushmaster? Or?


The Donald said...

Would you throw the door open while unarmed and hope the person on the other side is not the Hillside Strangler?

Heck no. I would do much as you did - try to quietly & secretly ascertain who was at the door first, but nonetheless have a pistole either in hand (behind my back) or in my waistband. If I sensed there was reason to be concerned, I would have also cached a pistol caliber carbine or a shotgun a few steps from the door. I don't think I'd bring a rifle [even of the poodle shooting] caliber into the fray in close quarters.

If, on the other hand, I knew with absolute metaphysical certitude that a really big bad dude, or PCP-infused juggalo was just about to bust down the door, I might have a .444 Marlin or .45-70 trained on center mass of the door, from about 15-20 feet away.

el chupacabra said...

"PCP infused juggalo..." Ha!

Thought i might have you on my side.