Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday's Missives

From the porch

From the car

A pit vandalized in Holland Lake park. If some people spent half the time trying to be productive they use trying to be stupid they might be somebody.

Look! Is it a bird, a plane?

The little pecan tree in this pic sure interrupts the flow of the pond cypresses surrounding Holland Lake and obstructs an otherwise pretty view of the water

Never a good idea: incorporating an existing tree into a concrete sidewalk but people insist on trying. Not only is it dangerous for bicyclist and runners, the tree will most likely die

A dehydrated orange

FG's rendition of Tow Mater
  • Recently everybody at work had to go to our personnel office to get new badges. The office I work for laid a van on for us to go in groups so I went with a bunch of people I don't always get to spend time with.
  • The nurse driving the van is a very good driver- so good he is noticeably good and competent after only a few blocks.
  • I don't know whether to be put off by how reserved Asian women can be or admire them for their poise.
  • Tarrant County's courthouse is gorgeous. The annex next door is hideous. It is covered in a shell made of foam which is painted to resemble architectural effects. Hail storms have literally blown holes through it. A funny thing about that building: it wasn't a good idea that just didn't hold up over time- it was stop you in your tracks ugly as it was going up.
  • People in line who stood out in my mind: one lady who doesn't get that she is not that interesting- the people around her tolerate her and are polite. Another: I can't tell how old she is due to her smoking. Is she a hard 40, a kind of rough 50? Regardless she is too young to be holding the doorway and engaging in pursed lip breathing and have that gray skin color.
  • Heart's song Alone has been playing in a loop in my brain since the drive home last night.
  • A friend's daughter works at one of my favorite stores. She said there is a an attic storeroom where they keep seasonal clothing before it hits the floor. Employees get to raid it before anyone else sees any of the clothes and buy with their employee discount.
  • My kids stayed with me last night. We had to go shopping for clothes for them to wear today. My daughter is in a weird place- if she picked something of one size it would be too small. The next size up would be too large.

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