Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday's Digressions,

  • Axl Rose performing Estranged at Rock In Rio 2011. It's truly awful. It seems like somebody doing a poorly timed, but otherwise fair impersonition of Rose while doing Karaoke. He was puffy looking and out of breath. While he'd obviously gained weight-my guess is he might also have congestive heart failure.
  • The real Axl in Rio 1991
  • One of my friends is known for having bad luck. Did you hear about what happened to ___________...? people say it seems like every time I turn around. I hate for bad things to happen to anybody, much less someone I care about, but she makes a lot of bad luck for herself with really terrible decisions and placing herself in bad situations.
  • I used the word bad 4 times in that last thought.
  • Recently, I found out a friendly aquaintence smokes. That was a shocker- I'm very rarely surprised when I learn someone smokes that I spend time around.
  • I'm never sure how/when to use someone or somebody in a sentence.

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The Donald said...

Work took me down to the hospital district (E/W Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Evans, Magnolia, Hemphill, 7th Ave) yesterday.

That area creeps me out in the daytime - can't imagine going down there at night.

I noticed today that THE bridge in W'ford is finally open. Hallelujah!