Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday's Digressions

    Problem. Solved.

  • Overheard at work,"Kevin said we need to do something special at 11:11 today since it's 11/11/11. I think he said he's going do a table dance or something. Woo hoo- I'll go get some dollar bills! Then from down the hall (I don't even know who said it), He's already wearing his jeans..."
  • Women.
  • I have a nice silver buckle for my belt that I wear with jeans, but don't like tip sets.
  • In Iraq, a senior NCO who was also my friend, very early on would say everything was gay. I even commented (also early on) "Dude, is everything gay to you? Everything can't be gay. It can't be gay for our entire year here. Yes it can and it will. He said. True to his word- even the good things were gay. "How was leave? It was great- totally gay. It was awesome!" Then also:" How was the meeting? It sucked. It was totally gay. It was awful." And he did that for our entire year.
  • I hereby apologise for all the damage done.
  • Foster The People has definitely run their course and are officially done.
  • The show Community keeps getting better.
  • One Republic- Apologize


Paxford said...

You really do have an interesting workplace there :D


The Donald said...

I wanna be a dinosaur rancher.

Yabba dabba dew!