Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Extra Vaganza!

  • Easter with my family usually devolves at some point into an impromptu ink show with people showing off tattoos new and old.

  • There's even an unusually high number of fake tattoos for the kids in the plastic eggs.

  • My nephew in law is a truck driver and has restored a number of trucks and put them on the road. He showed me a picture of the latest truck he has been working on and pointed out the new sleeper. Knowing he had neither a shop nor equipment one would assume would be needed to place a double wide sleeper on a truck frame I asked, How did you get it on there? Uh, I used cargo straps and a winch and raised it up in a big oak tree behind the house and just backed the truck under it. was his sheepish reply.

  • I'm not saying we're white trash.

  • We're white trash.

  • My nephew has always wanted to be in the Army. Yesterday he made a paper Medal Of Honor for himself. I told him a little about the real medal and asked, How many men do you think have been awarded the Medal Of Honor? I don't know, not very many- only about half or so. came the answer only a 9 year old can give.

  • I found out yesterday my sister uses garlic from the same plants my mom did to make garlic toast.

  • My niece made sausage balls. Her boyfriend had me pronouncing it bawlz for the rest of the day.

  • Spellcheck hi lites "bawlz".

  • When somebody brings something to a get together and no one eats it I feel sorry for the person and will get a big serving of whatever it is and then dump it when no one is looking.

  • I noticed the 2X6 I used to mount the bird house I made for Boy Scouts is still up on the garage though the bird house itself is long gone.

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