Friday, April 6, 2012

Clinically Speaking

  • A co worker said of my nursing buddy and I: I'm so glad you guys are here. Ya'll have brought new life to this place.

  • The other day a disaster preparedness guy in my agency used a zombie outbreak to frame a plan for staying in service after an event that alters our normal operations. It was a funny bit. I've known that guy for years and wouldn't have guessed he had that in him.

  • A favorite homeless patient just got approved for assistance and moved into his new apartment. Good for him- it could not have happened to a better, more deserving person. Of his first night in his new home he said, I was stunned- shocked. I lay there that first night and looked up at the walls and reached out and touched them. I picked up my little radio and just plugged it in- there are outlets everywhere! He has always been very pleasant and fairly light hearted, but it just looked like the weight of the world was off his shoulders when he walked into my office that morning. He had camped for years in some woods on the edge of town- until somebody burned his tent down.

  • How does one human do that to another? They are minding their own business, have just barely more than nothing in this world and you take that from them?

  • Women at work worry about me. They'll say to each other when one goes out, Will you bring Kevin something back? He never eats lunch. When somebody does feed me I'll say, If mom can see you, she's thanking you right now for taking care of me.

  • Jedi mind trick: when we do an off site screening I often bring Krispy Kremes in early and give the front office girls first pick. In a leadership position it's just the right thing to do, but you have to remember- it's really those people who more or less run the show. They can make your life much easier in subtle ways or conversely, make it passive-aggressively as hard as they want.

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re: Cute Nurses.

I think I have a slight cough coming on - maybe the nurse in that picture could check it out...