Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pure Genius

An old friend went on an elk hunting trip years ago and as these stories go of course, the simple became confusing and the enjoyable became terrifying. As I recall, his 4 wheeler couldn't climb a slope that the others negotiated so he went around and found a less arduous path and when he got to the top everyone was gone. He ended up getting lost and spending the night with only a light jacket in Colorado in the winter. He was smart enough to try to start a fire with his gun by removing powder from a shell, putting it on tinder and firing at it but, it didn't work. At 3 am he'd been without water for hours and decided to give in and get a drink from a stream nearby. No surprise- he slipped and fell into the freezing water. Knowing he was done for now if he didn't move, he took off walking and stumbled onto a road hours later where some guy picked him up and said,"Are you that guy everyone is looking for?"

His wife wrote this to the tune of I Will Survive after he got home. That incident must have happened 10? years ago and I didn't remember even having this but, found it in a drawer the other day.

At first I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking bout how you were missing all through the night
But then that call soon came in
It was Steve on the other end
You had been found, just a wandering around

And now you’re back from that scary place
You just walked in here
With that nasty beard upon your face
Go straight to the bathroom and jump right into the shower
I’ve gone seven days without you, so now what’s another hour

Go on now go
Walk through that door
Don’t turn around now, cuz you’re a really smelly soul
You know this wouldn’t have happened if you had had you
Bet you with you’d paid attention when they were teaching
East from West

Oh no not I…
I will survive
Now that you are home, I thank God your still alive
We’ve got all our lives to live
And still so much love to give
I survived, you survived, hey hey!!!

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The Donald said...

GPS? Real men don't need no steenking GPS...