Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Vegan Marshmallows
A Free and Open-Source Recipe
The fluff part of this recipe was adapted from Jeanette Sutton's web site recipe for agar marshmallows at She deserves a tremendous amount of credit for this fluff, a key to marshmallow success. If you are looking for an agar marshmallow, try Jeanette's recipe.
5T soy protein isolate (available at many health food stores)
1/2t baking soda
1/2t cream of tartar
1/4t gum (xanthan, guar or acacia) I used guar gum.
3/4C cold water
Dash of salt
Sugar Syrup
1.5C raw sugar
1C light corn syrup
1/2C water
1T Genutine Vegetarian Gelatin
2t vanilla extract

Yes, there is a component to this vegan marshmallow recipe called fluff- some jokes write themselves. From a vegan marshmallow blog. What I learned: after a long, exacting, messy process you may be rewarded with 80 cents worth of vegan marshmallows for about 40 dollars.

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