Thursday, July 12, 2012

Next Blog Foray

"Mandates started a while ago, usually after one of us in the apartment had broken up with a girl. It was a chance to hang out with the guys and do manly things. There are some legendary mandates coming from M28 (M28 is our apartment for those not familiar). Since Kevin got married they now usually are a bachelor party for those getting married rather than someone breaking up (we hope this trend continues). Last night we had one for Nathan. It was a lot of fun. The evening started with some games." from a blog called speaking of...

Jungle Speed - not super manly, but you can get hurt going for the totem

We asked Nathan a bunch of questions about his fiancee Courtney and he had to chew a piece of bubble gum for each one wrong. He didn't know a lot of them (albeit, they were some tough questions--What color is her toothbrush?)

Mike made an amazing ice cream cake for the event. We each ate a sixth (that's pretty manly)

Then we watched the movie Taken (sorry, no pictures). And to finish things off we had a sleepover out in the front room. Very good times. We'll miss Nathan a lot.

Sleepover? Ice cream cake? Bubble gum? Dude, you need to look up the term man much less man-date. Sorry no pics this time- I saved some but, my machine must have rejected them for sheer lameness.

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RPM said...

Was this a Mormon squad?

State and Federal law forbid me from printing what happened during some of the parties we threw when I was in the Coast Guard. But, were were Coasties and hard to keep up with on duty. It got worse when we had Liberty.

I was on a ship that actually got thrown out of port (a la Mr. Roberts) in Adak, AK. You really have to piss them off to get thrown out of Adak!

Of course I had absolutely nothing to do with us getting tossed...